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Buzztime, Inc.
Do you want to make your bar the hot neighborhood spot? Of course you do! But how do you bring in new customers and turn them into regulars? Truly great bar promotion is a lot more creative and fun than just throwing together any old happy hour special. Read on for 50 great ideas to make your bar stand out and bring in the crowds!
Case Study: How 4 Bar Restaurant Owners Averaged 312 BRAND NEW Customers, In 57 Days Or Less, Using ONE Simple Strategy
Bar Owner Marketing Systems
Case Study: How 4 Bar Restaurant Owners Got An Average Of 312 BRAND NEW Customers In Their Doors, In Less Then 57 Days, Using A Simple, Low Cost Marketing Strategy That 96.7 % Of Bar Owner s Over Look Using The Marketing Approach You re About To Discover Could Cripple Your Competition. One owner got between 800-900 NEW Customers in their doors in less then 60 days from this ONE strategy.
Fully automated brewery that will change the way we sell beer.
The SmartBrew System is a fully automated brewery that will change the way we sell beer. SmartBrew significantly increases margins for the hospitality operator and increases choice, quality and freshness for the consumer. The SmartBrew System represents all that is good about boutique craft brewing. It: Increases margins by up to 20 percent Produces the freshest beer possible Diversifies your ...
IPPA-Max LLC Document
J U S T 2 C A P S U L E S & E N J O Y T H E N I G H T F E E L B E T T E R I N T H E M O R N I N G STARRING :G L U T A T H I O N E (GSH) – S U P E R S T A R Over 103,000 Studies Validating Glutathione’s Benefits Produced by Your Body to Keep You Healthy
POS Success by the Salty Seas
The Tacky Jacks seafood restaurant franchise, located on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, has spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding seaside coast. The only problem is, they are continually exposed to the salty air, causing major issues to their outdoor POS equipment. Their previous POS hardware terminals continued to fail due to the corrosion from the salty air. By switching to Posiflex ...

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